Intro to knife-craft for younger makers (2.5hrs approx)

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A course for a youngster keen to whittle, and an accompanying adult (e.g. parent, grandparent, carer or adult sibling) keen to learn how that is done safely and productively; keen skills, avoiding frustration and serious injury. This course is a perfect forerunner to a spoon carving course, introducing skills in line with the sloyd tradition of whittling and spoon carving. While tool use with younger learners is feasible, knife work requires a degree of strength and fine motor skills. For the purposes of this course, we recommend the junior attendees are 10-17yrs. The accompanying adult (who'll be learning alongside!) must be 18+.

Learning to use bladed tools competently and safely is a crucial first stage in any crafter's learning, and a right of passage for a young maker. Getting your first pocket-knife is a special moment! This short introduction invites a child and accompanying adult to come and learn knife-craft together; the price is for both of you, not each. The course rightly focuses on the youngsters, but the decision to invite an adult along is a deliberate one; you will be learning alongside one another, so you go away not only with shared memories of the day but with the confidence to support each other in continuing knife-work at home.

The course aims to send you away feeling confident and safe with the tools. In the session we'll look at different types and brands of whittling and bushcraft knives, as well as learning a number of grips to allow you to tackle a variety of projects.

On the day we'll tackle a number of projects, each carefully thought-out to demonstrate and practice key skills, while giving you some functional and fun items to go home with. We'll talk about different woods and where to source them, how to source wood sustainably, the structure of wood and how that affects knife-work, and also different tools with examples from different brands to see and try on the day.

We aim to make the day special. The length of course is designed to allow sufficient content to be covered, but without getting arduous or making hands sore (trust us - you'll use muscles you haven't used before!).

You will be welcome to take a short break in the middle. Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available. Weather won't stop us - if it's fair, we'll carve outside; if it's not so nice, we can stay in front of the stove and enjoy the workshop space. You'll be well looked after.